It's our joy to bring together in one place all those who love to make, find, discover, and enjoy the beautiful and ageless.


Shannon & Kimberley

Shannon and I have been friends for over 20 years. We've worked along side each other at church, in the community, and at the family gatherings we've shared (along with the drama that goes with it wink, wink). Through these years we've shared a love and passion for all things vintage and the hunt to find the hidden treasures.

Shannon has 15+ years experience in the event industry and I have spent over 15 years working in the decor and design field. We decided to put our talents together and create a unique "Handpicked" market for all those who love the things we do. 

We are thrilled about this opportunity to come together and enjoy the people, the treasures, and handcrafted goods that make us all unique.